Mechanical Services
-Commercial & Residential HVAC Design
-VRF multi-split system design and controls
-RTU packaged unit design
-Chiller plant and cooling tower design
-Smoke control system design
-Commercial grade kitchen ventilation and exhaust design
-Radiant floor heating design
-Commercial VAV fan powered box unit design
-Hydronic heating design
Electrical Services
-Commercial & Residential Electrical Design
-Hotel & Motel Electrical Systems
-Solar Photovoltaic Systems
-Emergency Power Systems
-Power Distribution Systems
-Interior & Exterior Lighting Systems
-Lightning Protection Systems
Plumbing Systems
-Domestic hot and cold water system design
-Sanitary waste and vent system design
-Storm water and detention system design
-RPZ and DCDA design (Backflow prevention devices)
-Oil water separator design
-Grease interceptor design
-Domestic water booster pump design
-Sewage ejector pump design
-Boiler heating system design
-Gas booster pump design
Fire Protection Systems
-Wet Sprinkler Systems
-Dry Sprinkler Systems
-Deluge Sprinkler Systems
-Preaction Sprinkler Systems
-Standpipe Systems
-Fire Pump Systems
-Fire Alarm Systems


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